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US President Biden Calls Russian President Putin “a butcher”

On March 26 Friday 2022, United States President Joe Biden flew to Poland in his effort to see firsthand the humanitarian crisis of refugees. In Rzeszów, a Polish city nearby the Ukrainian border, President Biden spent his time meeting the 82nd Airborne Division stationed in Poland. On March 27 Saturday, President Biden observed the humanitarianContinue reading “US President Biden Calls Russian President Putin “a butcher””

President Biden State of the Union

In his first State of the Union joint address to Congress on March 1, President Joe Biden focused his speech on the ongoing war in Ukraine and his plans for the domestic future. President Biden first brought attention to the tragedy of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the courage the Ukrainian people are demonstratingContinue reading “President Biden State of the Union”

Mounting Ukraine-Russia Tension

Following weeks of increasing Russian troop deployment near the Ukraine border, over 130,000 Russian troops are now deployed according to the Ukraine military intelligence. The origin of this tension goes back to the Russian demand over Ukraine’s NATO membership. During a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron, President Vladimir Putin told his desire toContinue reading “Mounting Ukraine-Russia Tension”

North Korea Conducts Three Missile Tests in Two Weeks

Following January 5, 2022, ballistic missile launch, North Korea has conducted two additional missile launches on January 10 and January 14. North Korean authorities claimed that they have launched Hypersonic Glide Vehicle (HGV) on January 5 and 10, ballistic missiles which have an unorthodox maneuver and trajectory when launched. HGV not only possesses unique maneuvering,Continue reading “North Korea Conducts Three Missile Tests in Two Weeks”

Economic Revamp for North Korea: Kim Jong-un End of Year Speech

In his 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) speech marking 10 years as the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un announced economy as his 2022 national focus. The North Korean supreme leader has been quoted to have said, “The main task facing our Party andContinue reading “Economic Revamp for North Korea: Kim Jong-un End of Year Speech”

Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Olympics

In response to the Chinese human rights violations in Xinjiang, the United States White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki released a statement on December 6, 2021, that the United States will move forward on their diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Following the lead of the United States, other countries includingContinue reading “Diplomatic Boycott of Beijing Olympics”

10 Chinese and Russian Naval Vessels Circumnavigate Japan

Just 8 days before the Japanese national election took place, on October 23, 2021, the Chinese and Russian naval vessels crossed the Osumi Strait. In effect, the 5 Chinese and 5 Russian naval vessels circumnavigated the island of Japan, starting from the Tsugaru Strait and ending in Osumi Strait. The annual provocation from the ChineseContinue reading “10 Chinese and Russian Naval Vessels Circumnavigate Japan”

Japanese LDP Victorious in the General Election

The general election of the lower house of the Japanese parliament convened on October 31, 2021. Even though the result of the election portrayed another strong performance by the governing Liberal Democratic Party, the majority of the media have been depicting a grim election result for the LDP running up to the election. Major JapaneseContinue reading “Japanese LDP Victorious in the General Election”

German General Election

On the 26th of September 2021, German citizens went to the polls to elect the members of the 20th Bundestag (German Parliament). The center of attention for this election was to elect the future governing political party and the next German Chancellor. After Chancellor Angela Merkel revealed that she would step down from politics altogether,Continue reading “German General Election”

New 100th Prime Minister of Japan

The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (自由民主党) commonly referred to as “Jiminto” in Japanese, held their party leader election on September 29, 2021. The party leader election chooses their party president for the next 4 years, while presidents who’ve won the election held between periodic 4-year elections only serving the remainder of their predecessor. TheContinue reading “New 100th Prime Minister of Japan”