President Biden State of the Union

In his first State of the Union joint address to Congress on March 1, President Joe Biden focused his speech on the ongoing war in Ukraine and his plans for the domestic future. President Biden first brought attention to the tragedy of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the courage the Ukrainian people are demonstratingContinue reading “President Biden State of the Union”

20th Anniversary of 9/11

On the 20th anniversary of the tragic September 11 attacks, US leaders came together to promote unity and relinquish the anguish of families of those affected. The US President Joe Biden visited three sites of the hijacked plane crashes, as he made rounds to the first responders. Along with President Biden, former President Bill ClintonContinue reading “20th Anniversary of 9/11”

US Afghanistan Withdrawal Erupts Taliban Control

After 20 years of the Afghanistan government’s rule in Afghanistan under the security of the Western powers, the Taliban has once again assumed charge of the country. The take over occurred in the midst of the United States implementing a plan to withdraw their troops and vital personnels from Afghanistan, however, the Taliban increased theirContinue reading “US Afghanistan Withdrawal Erupts Taliban Control”

Texas Democrats: Flight to Washington D.C.

On July 12, 2021, 60 Texas Democratic House of Representatives and 7 other Democrats flew to Washington D.C. amid the 87th Texas Legislature’s special session, resulting in decorum. Under the Texas Legislature, both the Senate and House chambers require two-third of the members to establish a quorum. Quorum is the minimum number of members requiredContinue reading “Texas Democrats: Flight to Washington D.C.”

U.S.-ROK: Ironclad Relationship

May 21, 2021, President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea arrived in the United States for President Biden’s second head of state visit. During President Moon’s visit, the two countries engaged in bilateral meeting, Medal of Honor ceremony, and joint press conference. Right before the bilateral meeting began, President Biden and President Moon exchangedContinue reading “U.S.-ROK: Ironclad Relationship”

Biden’s Address to Congress

On his 99th day in office, President Joe Biden gave an address to a joint session of Congress. President Biden was greeted by a limited number of members of Congress due to the strict social distancing rules on the House floor. All the seatings for senators and representatives were marked with their names, as theContinue reading “Biden’s Address to Congress”

Withdrawal of US Troops from Afghanistan

On April 15, 2021, President Joe Biden announced the full withdrawal of US combat troops from Afghanistan. In his speech, he highlighted the 20 years of American involvement in Afghanistan, and the plan of full withdrawal by September 11, 2021, 20 years since the tragic 9/11. He held his announcement in the Roosevelt Treaty RoomContinue reading “Withdrawal of US Troops from Afghanistan”

Biden’s Plan for Tax Hikes

On April 22, The New York Times and Bloomberg News reported on the alleged tax hikes proposed by President Joe Biden. Reports claims doubling of the highest long-term capital gains taxes on individuals making more than $1,000,000 from 20% to 39.6%. They also reported the proposal of raising the marginal income tax rate from 37%Continue reading “Biden’s Plan for Tax Hikes”

US, Japan Pressure Campaign Against China

On April 16, 2021, President Joe Biden welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga as President Biden’s first ever face-to-face bilateral meeting with a foreign leader. This meeting between the United States and Japan, an alliance since 1960, presented a strong message against the People’s Republic of China and its ruling political party, the Chinese CommunistContinue reading “US, Japan Pressure Campaign Against China”

Biden’s Gun Control Actions

On April 7, President Joe Biden announced his initial 6 executive actions to combat gun violence while the administration await for the Congress to act. The plan illustrates 6 actions, which the White House announced is within the scope of the presidential authority and the Second Amendment. These actions are for the Justice Department ledContinue reading “Biden’s Gun Control Actions”

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