Economic Revamp for North Korea: Kim Jong-un End of Year Speech

In his 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) speech marking 10 years as the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un announced economy as his 2022 national focus. The North Korean supreme leader has been quoted to have said, “The main task facing our Party andContinue reading “Economic Revamp for North Korea: Kim Jong-un End of Year Speech”

G20 Agrees on the New International Corporate Taxation

On Saturday, July 10, 2021, finance ministers from G20 agreed on the proposal to establish a 15% minimum international corporate tax rate system to eliminate tax-havens. Along with the G20 finance ministers, 131 countries from around the globe agreed this month, enabling the new tax rate to be enacted shortly. The US Secretary of theContinue reading “G20 Agrees on the New International Corporate Taxation”

Suez Canal Blockade Halts Global Trade

On March 23, 2021, a vessel owned by Evergreen Marine Corporation got stuck in the middle of Suez Canal, halting ships from being able to pass through the canal. The vessel named “Ever Given” is a 220,000-ton, 400-metre-long ultra-large container ship (ULCS) operated by Taiwan based container transportation and shipping company Evergreen Marine Corporation. AccordingContinue reading “Suez Canal Blockade Halts Global Trade”

Retail Investors Crush Hedge Funds

With a reported 1,700% increase in the GameStop stock(GME) since the start of the year as a result of the Reddit community r/wallstreetbets’s GameStop rally, hedge funds who have been shorting the stock have lost approximately $19 billion according to financial data service Ortex. GameStop is an American video game retailer founded in 1984 whichContinue reading “Retail Investors Crush Hedge Funds”

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