Japanese LDP Victorious in the General Election

The general election of the lower house of the Japanese parliament convened on October 31, 2021. Even though the result of the election portrayed another strong performance by the governing Liberal Democratic Party, the majority of the media have been depicting a grim election result for the LDP running up to the election. Major Japanese media Yomiuri Shimbun, Nikkei, Sankei, Bunshu reported LDP’s tough battle ahead in order to hold onto the majority. However, after the election night, LDP once again held onto the majority with 261 seats, only with a 15 seat loss. Along with LDP, the 32 seats won by the coalition party Komeito brings up the total tally of the governing parties to 293, only a loss of 12 seats from the previous general election. Even after the victory, controversy arose within the LDP after the Secretary-General Akira Amari lost his seat in the single-seat constituency, and had to be re-elected through the proportion system. On the contrary to the expected result, the main opposition party the Constitutional Democratic Party lost 13 seats, after having partnered with other opposition parties including the Communist Party and Social Democratic Party to unify their candidate in over 200 single-seat constituencies out of the total 289. After a major loss of election for the Constitutional Democratic Party, the party leader Yukio Edano resigned his post, with the party moving to hold their party leader election. Even though the major political parties saw a decline in their seats, the Japan Innovation Party saw an increase in their seats from 11 to 41. Japanese political parties saw no major shift since the previous election, as the Liberal Democratic Party and its coalition Komeito will continue to govern under the premiership of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

Published by Jungen Ono

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