Mounting Ukraine-Russia Tension


Following weeks of increasing Russian troop deployment near the Ukraine border, over 130,000 Russian troops are now deployed according to the Ukraine military intelligence. The origin of this tension goes back to the Russian demand over Ukraine’s NATO membership. During a phone call with French President Emmanuel Macron, President Vladimir Putin told his desire to stop Ukraine from joining NATO, “US and Nato responses did not take account of such key Russian concerns as preventing Nato expansion, non-deployment of strike weapons systems near Russian borders, or returning the alliance’s military potential and infrastructure in Europe to positions existing in 1997.” The Russian stance is their security concern over their borders, as the US and the Western counterparts have been deploying weapons near Russian borders, including in Ukraine. Amidst the rising tensions, France hosted the Normandy Format which last took place in 2019, and this format involves 4 countries: Russia, Germany, France, and Ukraine. During the Normandy Format on 26 January 2022, the representatives from each nation came together in Paris to discuss the potential de-escalation of tension on the Ukrainian-Russian border. However, the meeting concluded without success. In response to the Russian demands over Ukraine and their NATO membership, Washington delivered an official response to Moscow, as US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stated, “The document we’ve delivered includes concerns of the United States and our allies and partners about Russia’s actions that undermine security, a principled and pragmatic evaluation of the concerns that Russia has raised, and our own proposals for areas where we may be able to find common ground.” In response to President Putin’s deployment of his troops near the Ukrainian border, US President Joe Biden announced his decision to deploy US troops to Eastern Europe, along with the economic sanctions on Russia. With the mounting troops and economic sanctions by the West against Russia, as Russia mounts their troops and weapons on the Ukraine border, military conflict is a real probability from this rising Ukraine-Russia tension.

Published by Jungen Ono

In a world full of political biases and outright lies, finding the truth and objectivities must be our focus for a more bipartisanship in our daily lives. "The Truth Lights The Darkness" Jungen Ono

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