New 100th Prime Minister of Japan

Japanese Prime Minister Fumiyo Kishida

The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (自由民主党) commonly referred to as “Jiminto” in Japanese, held their party leader election on September 29, 2021. The party leader election chooses their party president for the next 4 years, while presidents who’ve won the election held between periodic 4-year elections only serving the remainder of their predecessor. The party election is administered by the Party Presidential Election Administration Committee, with the electoral system distributing 382 votes to the elected national Liberal Democrats members of parliament, and 382 votes to the party members. The candidates for the party leader were Taro Kono, Fumiyo Kishida, Sanae Takaichi, and Seiko Noda. As in the election held on September 29, since no single candidate out of four won over 50% of the votes, the election moved to the second stage between the top two candidates, Fumiyo Kishida who won 256 votes, and Taro Kono who won 255 votes. However, in the second stage of the election, the total votes for party members are reduced to 47 votes, one for each prefecture. In the end, Fumiyo Kishida was elected as the party leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, with 249 MP votes and 8 party member votes, compared to the 131 MP votes and 39 party member votes won by Taro Kono. As a result, former president of Liberal Democrats Yoshihide Suga resigned his post as both the president of the party and the Prime Minister of Japan, paving the way for Fumiyo Kishida as the 100th Prime Minister of Japan.

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