Alexei Navalny: Putin’s Enemy No. 1


Alexei Navalny is a Kremlin critic who dugs out corruption and uncovers the inner workings of the Russian government. He is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s most renown opposition as Alexei Navalny is the leader of the “Россия Будущего” (Russia of the Future Party) and the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation which was formed to investigate and expose corruption in Russian government’s top officials including President Putin. Alexei Navalny uses a wide ranging social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Russian social network platform VK to spread his findings on Russian corruptions. As of now, Alexei Navalny and his team have claimed to uncover the Black Sea palace built for President Vladimir Putin through corruption of his wealthy Oligarchs. Alexei Navlany provided detailed connection and evidence of the vast wealth held by the former Russian President Dimitri Medvedev through a network of charitable foundations. They also claimed to have exposed the plan of Russian agent in poisoning Alexei Navalny which also provided conversation between Alexei Navalny masking as a Russian operative and a Russian agent conducting the assassination of Alexei Navalny. This Anti-Corruption Foundation headed by Alexei Navalny not only exposes the corruption of President Putin, but his inner circle and powerful Russian government officials. In 2020, Alexei Navalny once again was the headline news all around the world as he collapsed in a plane which was headed from a city of Tomsk in Russia to Moscow. The plane immediately reroutes for an emergency landing to a city of Omsk after Alexei Navalny went in and out of consciousness after 30 minutes into the air. He was then rushed into a hospital where he received blood tests which turned out just fine, even though he clearly showed signs of poison in his system. The doctors in Omsk hospital put him in a ventilator and provide intensive care, but the hospital becomes unsafe as a result of multiple Russian government officials coming in and out of the hospital. At this moment, Berlin-based NGO the Cinema for Peace Foundation provides a charter plane to take Alexei Navalny out of Russia into German hospital. This act of kindness turned out as a lifesaver for Alexei Navalny as he was identified to be poisoned after the same tests were run in Berlin which he was conducted in Omsk. This revelation on the poison which turned out to be Novichok, a Russian poison created and widely used under the Soviet government, sparked worldwide attention to Russia. After waking up from a medically induced coma in Berlin, Alexei Navalny got back to work and revealed the Russian plan to poison him. Soon after exposing his assassination plan by the Russian agent, on January 17th 2021, he set his destination back to Russia where he was greeted by his supporters and police, where he got detained and arrested on the same day. He then went on a trial and received a sentencing of 2 years and 8 months after being found guilty of disobeying his probation over his 2014 money laundering case. While Alexei Navalny was under arrest, thousands of Alexei Navalny’s supporters turned up to the streets and protested his arrest as world leaders across the globe including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken criticized and demanded the immediate release of Alexei Navalny and his supporters. While behind the glass-enclosed holding cell in a court in Moscow, Alexei Navalny made a heart gesture to his wife. Soon after his first trial, Alexei Navalny made an appeal to his sentencing where he received 45 days reduction from the original 2 years and 8 months sentencing. As his farewell message, Alexei Navalny proclaimed, “I want Russia to be free but that’s not enough in itself.”

Published by Jungen Ono

In a world full of political biases and outright lies, finding the truth and objectivities must be our focus for a more bipartisanship in our daily lives. "The Truth Lights The Darkness" Jungen Ono

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